Monday, May 25, 2020

ZenPop Japanese Sweets Pack (April 2020) REVIEW

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For the month of April, ZenPop offers an extremely pretty snack box called "Hanami Party" or translates to "flower-viewing party." The season of cherry blossom makes flower-viewing a thing to do in Japan, and I am ready to enjoy this snack box outside in my garden as well!


  • Based in Osaka, Japan
  • Curate four packs of Japanese goodies - Sweets, Ramen, Ramen + Sweets Mix and Stationery
  • Each of their packs has a new theme every month
  • 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription plans available
  • Free worldwide shipping to 94 countries
  • Their mascot, Luna, has her very own manga channel @full_moon_magic


Tirol's Sakuramochi Choco

Oh my god, Sakura mochi is one of my favorite traditional Japanese snacks. This chocolate is mixing traditional Japanese and western sweet into one! Inside the sakura flavored chocolate, there is a thin layer of red bean paste (Anko) along with a chewy mochi in the center. What a cool snack invention!

Tohato's Hinamatsuri Caramel Corn

Koikeya's Plum Stick Chips

I love this snack. The savory flavoring makes these chips so addicting. The slight sourness from plum powder makes it even better!

Cororo's Peach Gummies

These gummy candies have a really strong flavoring aroma!

Lotte's Koume Soft Candy

The wrapper for this candy is in such a pretty sakura pink package. It is plum flavored and has this sweet and sour taste. 

UHA Mikakuto Cherry

Puchi Choco

Cherry Mochi

Fluffy Softmallow

Umaibo Cinnamon Apple Pie

What a unique flavor! It has a subtle sourness to imitate the resemblance of apple pie. How interesting!

Garlic Steal Potato Friez

I love this chip! No surprises, it tastes like it describes. Be careful, you may finish this bag of chips in a matter of seconds!

Pucca Chocolate

Meiji always have great snacks. This is very similar to the classic Koala chocolate cookies. And I got to mention that adorable packaging design for Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Sadly, it is postponed to next year: 23 July 2021.

Mini Genji Pie

These mini Palmiers are just the right size for me. They are not too sweet and still retain that crispy crust texture. And plus, these mini-sized snacks are adorable and easy to eat. I don’t think I can go back to normal-size Palmier.

Shrimp Black Pepper Otsumami


If you plan to try out ZenPop Japan, feel free to take an extra $3 off with discount code JFOODIE when you make your next purchase at ZenPop Japan. In case you are also interested in ramen, here's my review for ZenPop Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack (April 2020)


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