Monday, May 25, 2020

ZenPop Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack (April 2020) REVIEW

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After reviewing for Zenpop's ramen pack, I really look forward to trying out their Ramen + Sweets Mix this time. This box is called "Spring Picnic Pack" and is consisted of Spring seasonal goodies that fill with flavors of Sakura, pickled plum, and peach.


  • Based in Osaka, Japan
  • Curate four packs of Japanese goodies - Sweets, Ramen, Ramen + Sweets Mix and Stationery
  • Each of their packs has a new theme every month
  • 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscription plans available
  • Free worldwide shipping to 94 countries
  • Their mascot, Luna, has her very own manga channel @full_moon_magic


Maruchan's Ume Shio Soba Ramen

First when I open up the steamy hot ramen lid, the aroma of savory ume is also strong. Personally, I think the salt flavored soup is a bit gamey for some reason. There are some imitated meats.

Ekimae Shokudo Miso Ramen

The miso soup tastes flavorful and I love the toppings in this ramen: bean sprout, kelp, and corn. The texture of noodle is chewy and doesn't feel like eating a cup noodle at all.

Calbee's Sour Plum Jagariko (Limited Edition)

Look at how beautiful the packaging is! Sour plum flavor for this snack actually did not seem too appealing to me, I still prefer their salad flavor.

Milky's Pink Sakura Chocolate

It has a slight of sakura savory flavor, which is interesting to try. Again, the cute packaging makes it too adorable to eat.

BonchiAge Kishu Ume

Crunchy snacks are great with iced tea or sake, especially a savory and sour snack like this one. Try it out next time!

Fettuccine Gummy Italian Peach

They are chewy and really flavorful. If you love peach, this will become one of your new favorites!

Cheese Umaibo

This is such a classic flavor for umaibo. It is not as adventurous but it's always great to have something you are familiar with. ^_^ 

Peach Gum Sour Surprise

This is actually pretty delicious for bubble gum. The peachy flavor is great and I finished the whole pack quicker than I thought! I actually didn't realize one of the packs is supposed to be super sour... I just kept eating lol! I totally missed the surprise factor! > 0 <


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