I am Fanny, graduated from UC Berkeley with an Architecture major. I started dining out more often when I was in college. That was the time when I started to notice that I eat a lot more Japanese food than other types of cuisines. Ramen is my favorite, and I also love Japanese street food, and kaiseki.


Introducing authentic Japanese food & culture to the world is my ultimate goal.  

After my first fine dining experience at Wako (San Francisco) as well as Sushi Sho (El Cerrito), I learn a lot about authentic Japanese food by simply experiencing them through a meal. From these high-quality meals, my standard and expectation from a restaurant became a lot of higher over time. I began my journey in exploring new Japanese food places and to find my best Japanese dining experience through this blog.

In 2016, I began my first trip to Japan. I fell more in love with their food and culture! I can't wait to share my experience and knowledge about Japan with you! (mainly food! ^_^)


I visited many Japanese restaurants and food places, but I tend not to "rate" them with star-system like Yelp. However, I do prioritize certain restaurants/chefs over others. These recommended restaurants are listed at MY FAV


Do you have any restaurant you want to recommend? Or do you have questions about this blog? Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at Fanny (AT) JFoodie (DOT) com


  1. I've read a lot of your posts here and you're awesome, im really happy that you contacted me on tumblr :PP
    i noticed in highschool that i like a lot more japanese styled food(my skin is also very pale, sometimes i think i was probably a japanese in previous life haha) so yeah keep up the work :D

  2. Haha!! Thanks for commenting! And thanks for reading most of my posts!! I really appreciate it! I am very happy to connect too!
    What kind of Japanese food is available at your area? I really hope you get to try some real Japanese food soon! You will love them!! ^^

  3. First time I find your posts, I am glad to know someone who falls in love with varieties of Japanese food, and make digestive trip across whole Japan country like me.

    Your posters are very creative and superb!.

    Please keep working on you fantastic work.

  4. What a great blog idea. Thanks for sharing!

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