Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Esian Snack Box by Esian Mall

Esian Box is a snack box by Esian Mall, who is a monthly subscription box service that offers snacks, beauty products, and unique items for gamer, geek, anime, or movie fans. From this box, I got an umbrella with design of Harley Quinn (a fictional character from Batman) on it. Other than Japanese snack, there's also a South Korean instant noodle pack, some Chinese bean curd snacks and seaweed soup. I feel like this snack box is guiding me to try variety of things!

And how do they know if you are getting something you might like? Each snack box is customized based on the type of flavor and snack you prefer, as well as the type of entertainment you enjoy the most: comic, movie, anime, cartoon, Disney, etc...


The snack box comes as it is in this bright yellow package box! It is quite flashy but very easy to find when they are delivered in front of your house.

package box

Lotte chewing gum (Japanese Plum flavor)

The chewing gum has unique packaging. As you can see below, each gum has a different design on it. The flavor is not too strong. It has a bit of fruity and salty taste. I hope this can be a candy rather than gum. ^_^" 

Lotte - Ume Gum

Oreo Soft Cookie, Matcha Milk Flavor

The sandwiched Oreo soft cookie has a green matcha flavored filling. It is very soft and easily crumbled. The smell & flavor is actually far from the original Oreo cookies we've been having in the US. This soft cookie tastes very light and not as sweet. If you didn't see the wrapper, I will never expect it to be Oreo. It focuses on the matcha filling, which is sweeter than the cookie.

Oreo Soft Cookie, Matcha Milk Flavor
Kameda Potapota Yaki (Rice Crackers)

In each pack, there are two rice crackers. It is crunchy with light savory taste.

Potapota Yaki - Rice Cracker
Meiji Yan Yan - Vanilla Cream Dip

I am definitely a fan of most Meiji branded snacks! Yan Yan is famous for their biscuit sticks and dipping cup package. The 2-in-1 packaging makes so much easier to consume anywhere. I love their buttery and savory biscuit sticks, but I still prefer the chocolate dip more than this vanilla cream.

Meiji Yan Yan - Vanilla Cream Dip

Meiji Yan Yan - Vanilla Cream Dip
Glico - Pretz, Mentaiko (Cod Roe) Mayonnaise flavor 

Cod Roe flavor might already turns you off, but for the Japanese, cod roe is very common and used in onigiri and pasta. It has a subtle salty taste to the pretz. Other than salty, I don't really feel like it's cod roe mayonnaise flavor. I think it remains very delicious though! No matter what flavor it is, Glico's Pretz is usually really addicting and will remain one of my favorite snacks!   

Glico - Pretz, mentaiko mayonnaise flavor 
Calbee - Shrimp Chips Baked - Hot garlic

If you are already a "snacker," you are probably a fan of Calbee. For this snack box, we got some shrimp chips! I am so glad it is in a large bag ^ v ^ Like how the package suggest, the chips are not flat and round, they are like puff sticks. Be careful, these savory, garlic flavored puffs are very addicting!

Calbee - Shrimp Chips Baked - Hot garlic
Kabaya Shittori Cookie Jersey Milk Flavor

The round cookie has a soft texture, but too light in taste.

Shittori Cookie, Jersey Milk Flavor
Nanqi Dried Tofu (Bean Curd) snack, Spicy Flavor 南溪豆腐干, 麻辣味

Dried/Dehydrated tofu is a common Chinese ingredient for stir-fry, but also as a simple snack. It's similar to fried tofu skin. For this specific snack, it is pretty oily. Although it says it's spicy flavored, the tofu tastes more bland than expected.

Nanqi Dried Bean Curd snack, Spicy Flavor 南溪豆腐干, 麻辣味
Seaweed Soup

I can't quite read the red texts on the package, but I am pretty sure it says "seaweed soup" on there somewhere. I make a cup of boiled hot water in a pot and add the dried ingredients and powder. Stir a little bit until seaweed became soft. Flavor-wise, it really depends on how much water ratio you put in. For me, it tastes just fairly savory. It is a light and watery MSG soup.

Seaweed soup package
Cooked seaweed soup

Nong Shim Chapagetti - Noodle Pasta with Chajang Sauce (Made in USA)

Nong Shim is a very popular South Korean instant noodle company worldwide, especially their Spicy Shin Ramyun Noodle. Anyway, this noodle is a saucy type rather the soupy type. Following the direction on package, I boiled 1.5 cup of water in pot. When water is boiled, I added noodle and all packages in pot. Stir for about 4 minutes.

The result is actually better than I thought! The texture of noodle is fat and chewy. The sauce is dark and thick. It looks like it's heavily flavored, but I feel relieved once I tasted it because it doesn't taste too heavy for me. (Light eater here > v < ) It is savory and pretty tasty overall. Since it is an instant noodle, I can't really judge it by its lack of ground meat and diced vegetable that chajang noodle supposed to have. (Like how the package is suggested...)

NongShim Chapagetti - Noodle Pasta with Chajang Sauce 

NongShim Chapagetti - Noodle Pasta with Chajang Sauce
Extra: Umbrella, Harley Quinn Design

And did I mention about the Harley Quinn (character from Batman) umbrella? It is quite a nice touch to receive a surprise gift from a snack box. Like mentioned before, they will include a set of questionnaire to get to know your interest. It could be anime, cartoon, movie, Disney, comic, etc...


Overall, this snack box really makes me feel like I had gone through an adventure! I get to try out different types of food, both ready-to-eat and easily-prepared food. I think this box is also trying very hard to match with my personal preference, such as packing mostly Japanese snacks, savory rather than sweet, and include noodle. I think it was a fun journey to taste-test each snack, the cooking part was quick and easy too.

Visit this LINK and receive instant $5 off your first box!

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