Sunday, September 10, 2017

Shoyu Ramen, Tori Paitan, & Karaage at Touhichi らぁ麺 とうひちKyoto, JAPAN

Shoyu Ramen
Karaage (Fried Chicken)
While browsing Google Map in Kyoto, I found a very high rated ramen shop far away from the city center. Before the shop opened for dinner, a line is already formed at shop front. Everything I ordered here are undoubtedly really good! Plus, I found one of the best karaage I've ever had!

Touhichi is 30 minute bus ride away from Kyoto center. It's located in a small, quiet town near Kinkaku-ji金閣寺, the golden pavilion. Anyway, the shop specializes in organic ramen, and secretly, they have extremely good chicken!

From the looks of the vending machine, the restaurant seems to recommend their chicken shoyu ramen, chicken shoyu tsukemen, chicken oil tsukemen, or chicken paitan, ranging from 700 to 800 yen, which is around $7-8 usd. With many tables ordering karaage (fried chicken), I can't resist and ordered one as well (400 yen)

vending machine
After getting seated, you will have a chance to read more about each ramen: what's the ingredient, where are they from, etc...

Oh my god... It is soooo tasty! The umami of the shoyu soup is so delicious! It's rich, but not yet too heavy! All the toppings are perfect too! The tori paitan is very unique as well, it has a egg yolk flavor in the broth. It feels like the yolk is to bring the creaminess as well as the flavor out of the chicken bone white soup! Usually, I will feel like paitan has an overwhelmed heaviness with the noodle, but this time, I slurp more and slurp, trying to figure out what makes this bowl so delicious and balanced! o_O

Shoyu Ramen, topped with chicken, whole egg, menma (fermented bamboo shoot)
Tori Paitan, topped with chicken and menma
The fried chicken karaage is FANTASTIC! Other than the usual salt and pepper and Shichimi (Japanese seven spice), what surprised me was this cumin spice! (Reminds me of China Xin Jiang's lamb skewers?) With an outer crispy layer, the meat is juicy and tender inside.

Karaage (Fried Chicken) 4 pieces 

This meal is very fulfilling! If I was to choose only one favorite dish, I don't really think I can choose one over another! They are all worth another round of try! And did you realize how cheap they are? I would say it is probably half the price if you are going to have a similar dish (of course with only average quality and taste) in the US. Yummm, can't wait to go back again!

Touhichi らぁ麺 とうひち


Phone: +81 75-432-8818


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  1. Karaage (Fried Chicken) look so tempting! Japanese food is love! Some people who don't have taste might find them either too spicy or less tasteful.