Monday, October 12, 2015


This is the first time I've ever received a Japanese snack subscription box. It feels like Christmas already just to receive a box full of goodies! Japan Crate includes all kinds of snacks: savory ones like chips, sweet ones like candies and DIY snacks, sour gummy candies, crispy corn snacks, etc! For Premium box, they even include a Japanese drink. 

Bireley's Orange Drink - a discontinued drink from 1920 California and
is still available in Japan made by Asahi drink manufacture
Meiji - Poifull - Assorted Soda Jelly Beans
My favorite snack is a jelly bean by Meiji. I used to have it a lot when I was young in Hong Kong, where Japanese snacks are widely available. After moving to the America, this is one of the few times that I get to try this candy for a long time. The texture of this candy is hardened only for the outer layer. Once you eat it, the outer layer will soften and blend with the rest of the candy. It is sweet, but not overly sweetened like many American candies. (American food doesn't go easy on sugar!)

When I first got my Japan Crate box, the outside of the box looks like this. They have an easy to read logo and straight forward branding for their packages.
Japan Crate Premium Box Outside

Once it's opened, you will find the interior design pretty cool and kawaii. On the top, it tells you how to enjoy your snack box: OPEN -> SHARE -> ENJOY

Japan Crate Premium Box Inside
On top of all those goodies, there's a monthly booklet, which explains what kind of snacks are included for this month's Japan Crate Premium box. Typically, I will be clueless about what I am eating because a lot of snack packages are written only in Japanese. With this handy booklet, I don't have any problem knowing what I am about to eat.

Japan Crate Booklet
Meiji - Poifull - Assorted Soda Jelly Beans
Vitamin C Lemon Drops - refreshing candies with Vitamin C
Tohato Caramel Corn - addicting caramel flavored corn puffs 
Rich Cheese Scones - a creamy, buttery cheese flavored "Cheetos" puffs

Chitto Soda DIY snack - by adding water to the ramune flavored powder, you can DIY your own mochi candies
バヤリース オレンジ Bireley's Orange Drink - a discontinued drink from 1920 California and
is still available in Japan made by Asahi drink manufacture
うまい棒(牛タン塩味Gyutan Umaibo Sticks - Airy corn sticks with different flavors, extremely popular in Japan!
Each month, Japan Crate will select a different sets of snacks for their subscription box. Their snack box has 3 different sizes: mini, original, and premium. If you just want to try it out, a mini will be perfect! If you already know you will love it, give the Premium a shot, you will have enough to share with your friends too! :)

Japan Crate Official Website:


  1. wow this was interesting thats funny the soda was discontinued in the usa but not in japan always fun to learn something new

  2. I wouldn't mind trying these out.

  3. The shipping is actually free world wide. Is there any that sends a lot of Kit Kats?

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