Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sushi, Monkfish Liver, and Tamago at Wako, San Francisco USA

あんきもポン酢 Monkfish Liver Pate in Ponzu Gelée
Wako is one of the best sushi restaurants in the Bay Area. [Update: Wako received their first Michelin star in 2016!] There are eight sushi bar seating and only 5-7 tables available. It is highly recommended to take reservation before visit. The restaurant is once again introduced by Jason, and the dining experience completely blew my mind.

For appetizer, I ordered a Monkfish Liver. Personally, I am not a fan of intestines because of the fishy taste. However, the Monkfish Liver really surprised me and changed my view of intestine-type of food. It is very soft and well-marniated. It does not taste too salty or tasteless. It is perfect.

野菜の白和え Seasonal Vegetables, Creamy tofu, Sesame
Another appetizer is Seasonal Vegatables with creamy tofu and sesame. It is quite interesting to use puree tofu as salad dressing. The vegetables tastes very creamy and delicious. Taste of tofu dressing is thoroughly mixed with vegetables. At the same time, each vegetable pieces remain their own unique vegetable flavors and texture.

I ordered the Seven Course Omakase Dinners which includes small plates, sashimi, warm dish, tempura, nigiri (8 pcs.), miso soup, and chocolate mousse dessert

Small Plates: Homemade Tofu, Oyster, Spinach Salad, Tamago, Baby Octopus
Sashimi: Tuna and Hamachi
Warm Dish: Sakura Sticky Rice, Bambo Shoots, and Fish
kisetsu no kakiage: Vegetable Tempura with Green Tea Salt
The vegetable tempura is the best tempura I have ever had. It is very similar to the Japanese vegetable snack you have, but it is hot, fresh, and soft inside. There is enough batter to hold all vegetable together into a small batch. It is light and doesn't feel too oily. It is soft inside and crispy outside. It has enough flavors from the batter, but the green tea salt really adds a nice flavor to the dish. It was an unforgettable tempura dish.

Miso Soup
White Chocolate Mousse Dessert
I've heard that Tamago (Egg) is the significant dish in seeing the chef's skill. There are so many different types of Tamago: some are cake-like, some are omelet-like, some are layered, etc. For Wako, their Tamago is in one piece. It looks like it was made like a cake, suggested from the texture of "air bubbles." It is dense but very soft. It is a little bit sweet but not like a dessert. The color is darker than other Tamago I've seen before.

Seafood egg cake
The dining experience at Wako is absolutely great! I will definitely visit again to try out other exciting dishes.Reserve a table for your next visit at I highly recommend seating at the sushi bar.

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