Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tsukemen at Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle, Sawtelle Los Angeles USA

Tsukemen ($10.95) + veggies (+$2)
Tsukemen is a type of dipping ramen that separated the ramen noodles with dipping broth. It is great for the hot weather because it is usually served warm rather piping hot like most ramen does. This summer, I finally get a chance to try Tsujita's Tsukemen located in Sawtelle Los Angeles.

The restaurant is not that spacious, and obviously, this place is so popular that an hour wait is very common. While waiting in line, the server already gives me the "tsukemen order sheet." You can basically customize the type of broth, the amount of roasted pork, addition of vegetables, eggs, spicy sauce, etc.

So the way you eat the ramen is to dip the ramen into the dipping broth. The broth is heavy with many lard pieces. I can taste the vinegar in the broth, which is a great way to open up your appetite when the outdoor temperature is hot as always. I would say overall, the ramen experience is not bad. It reminds me of the Chinese Crossing-the-bridge noodles, which has a similar dipping method of enjoying rice vermicelli.


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