Thursday, March 17, 2016


Last week, I received Japan Yum's February snack box. Japan Yum is a Japanese snack subscription company. Since they work directly with Japanese candy suppliers and store their candies in a US facility, as a result subscribers can receive a great selection of snacks easier and quicker. 

Their box is petite and light, but the selection of candies are just the ones that I like. Let's check out what kind of snack they offer in February! :) 

Shipping box = snack box
First off, the shipping box IS the snack box! Once you open the box, you will see a red wrapping paper with a "thank you" sticker. Everything is very straight forward and convenient. 

There's a list of snack for this month's snack box. Instead of making it a separated flyer or brochure, it is attached on top of box. Not only you will see it once you open the box, you will never lose this "snack guide." I think it's a pretty smart way of solving different problems on the consumer side. 

Snack list with detailed descriptions
From just a glance, I already found one of my favorite Japanese snack brands, Meiji. Their Ichigo no Apollo chocolate candy is one of my childhood favorites. Back then, it was only a strawberry flavored chocolate, now the new version has different filling. For this particular one I receive, it has strawberry syrup inside. It tastes just like how the photo below looks like, yummy and rich.

Meiji - Ichigo no Apollo (Strawberry chocolate with strawberry syrup inside) - Image by (Commercial photo)
Meiji's Meltyblend chocolate is also one of my favorite Japanese chocolate snack. Meiji always has really pretty and sophisticated packaging. Their Meltyblend is a square chocolate that "semi-melt" in your mouth. Here, the flavor we get is "Royal Milk Tea." It is "Winter Limited Edition. " The chocolate is rich and creamy. 

Original Box for Meiji's Meltyblend chocolate, "Winter Limited Edition" Royal Milk Tea Flavor (Commercial photo)

Meiji's Meltyblend chocolate, "Winter Limited Edition" Royal Milk Tea Flavor
Meiji Grape Vine Gummies
Another snack I want to introduce is Marukawa's bubble gum. They always come in an assorted variety pack, which I love them all! The confectionery company has quite a long history: the company was found in 1888 and started manufacturing bubble gum in 1948. They were the only Japanese bubble gum I knew during my childhood... :P

Marukawa bubble gum, grape flavor
We are so similar with the red packaged Pocky, but their new Panda cookies n cream is so too cute to eat!

Glico - Pocky Panda Cookies n Cream
A Gudetama sticker is also found in the snack box! (Gudetama is Sanrio's latest character from 2013!) This is what I like about snack box, they sometimes include toys, poster, sticker, or other exciting gift for you. :D

Gudetama sticker
Ready to Subscribe?

If you are interested in trying out Japan Yum, please don't forget to use coupon code "JFOODIE" to get a $3 OFF for your subscription! What I realized is that they sold out their boxes really quick. Check out their status now at: 

If their box happens to be sold out when you visit, just sign up for their waiting list. You can also check out their favorite brands and Past Box at:

Japan Yum

Official Website:



  1. The Meiji strawberry flavoured chocolate look so yummy!! ♡

    1. Oh my! That's one of my favorites! ^^ "Meiji" brand candy usually doesn't disappoint me.

  2. Thank you for your very informative review! I am always curious if the subscription boxes are really worth it, & this ones looks like it would be.

    1. You are welcome! :) There are actually sooo many subscription box now. I wrote reviews for many Japanese snack subscription boxes previously. You can check out this link for more of my reviews:

  3. My boss just received one of these and shared with all of us. She said she is going to keep the subscription. (

    1. Nice! Good things about these snack boxes are there are different sizes, which could be great for families too! ^0^

  4. never tried Japanese candies and snacks b4, looks interesting.

    1. Thanks for stepping by, I hope you get a chance to try them soon! :)

  5. Chocolate in any form is lovely!!! so that Maiji makes me want to buy some chocolate here, sadly not able to buy that one to try.

  6. I want to taste Ichigo no Apollo