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OyatsuBox Premium December 2015
For December's subscription box, I received Oyatsu Box, which I really enjoy because it's full of surprises! It is perfect for the holiday and I am very glad to receive some of my favorite Japanese candies such as Hi-Chew. The snack box also includes a Gachapon, a vending machine-dispensed capsule toy. ("red ball" on the right side of the photo above) If you want to know what's inside, be sure to "Read more" and scroll down to find out what's inside! 0_0 

Oyatsu Box is a subscription box service owned by Oyatsu Cafe, which is an online store for Japanese candies and snacks. This is what it looks like when I receive the shipping box. It feels like this company pays a lot of attention about professionalism and I like how they brand their box with their cute logo.

Shipping Box
Oyatsu logo on their shipping box
Once I opened the box, here's the monthly brochure with all the snack information inside. And it's quite exciting to see the toy already along with these delicious chips!

When box is just opened, I see the red gachapon already! 
Hot chocolate and Avacado Pizza chips (right)
There are some really nice Christmas snacks in this month's Oyatsu Box! First what you already notice is a large bag of Christmas-looking package with 7 more snacks inside.

OyatsuBox Premium December 2015
This snack below with a "happy Santa" is probably my favorite snack inside the X'Mas package. It tastes like that instant noodle snack that you have to add the powdered package and shake. It's a corn puff, but it tastes like the noodle snack. It's very addicting and I finished it in under one minute! (I am serious!)

One of the X'mas snacks inside the X'mas pack!
Glico's Giant Caplico Z - Cookies and Crunch flavored cookie cone.

According to Oyatsu, Chelsea candies are Japan's most popular caramels. The candy was sold since the 1970's, and this premium version is a new modern flavor with butter and cream.

Meiji Chelsea Premium
Chelsea Premium - beautiful flower-patterned packaging 
Hi-Chew candies are extremely popular overseas since 2010 or even earlier. I remember this candy used to be only available at Asian supermarket before, nowadays you can easily find them in American supermarkets too. (Walmart, Safeway, Costco...) It usually only comes with flavors like mango, green apple, strawberry, grape, etc. However the one that I receive is a Kumquat fruit + honey. The tart and sweet combination sounds pretty delicious right? Hi-Chew candies are always very tasty and this flavor just makes it more addicting!

Hi-Chew candy - Kumquat fruit + honey flavor
Finally, let's open the capsule toy!

Opening the Gachapon toy
This is what's inside...

Yamato Kai from Kantai Collection艦隊これくしょん
It seems like it's a triangular poster since there are grommets for holding and flatten the poster in place. 

In summary from the time of opening the Oyatsu Box to enjoy my candies and snacks, the experience was exciting and satisfying. As a gift box for December, a month full of holidays, festivals, and joy, Oyatsu Box did not disappoint me at all! I love the professional packaging and branding of the shipping box. It gives a deeper impression from the time you receive this package from the postal service. The thought of placing the capsule toy right on top of the snack makes your audience wonders what else are there other than snacks? The special X'mas snack pack is great for the largest holiday of the year, which separate the rest of the "causal snacks." All these elements are well thought out to bring their customers a wonderful experience of enjoying the Oyatsu Box to the fullest.

The Oyatsu Box has different sizes to choose from: the OyatsuBox Jr., OyatsuBox Premium, or OyatsuBox Original. 

If you are interested in trying out only a few snacks or already have a snack in mind, I have a 15% off discount for their online shop called Oyatsu Cafe. Coupon code is Oyatsubox

Official website for Oyatsu Box:
Oyatsu Cafe online shop:


  1. I was wondering what was in that plastic red capsule. Still, this is the first time I see a triangular plastic poster. Curious how you hang that thing.

    1. Haha! Good question! It's the first time for me to see a triangular plastic poster too! I think you will need 3 fixed location to hang it, or else it will not be flat... :\

  2. I till stick to the Chocolate always, and also the poster, not only triangular, but a lot of holes in two of the corners :/

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  4. i thought the poster was a kite lol another fun box

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