Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Original Subscription Pack
Origami of the Month
For this review, it is going to be about the November 2015 "Original Subscription Pack" by Freedom Japanese Market.

After opening my snack box, I am delighted to see an adorable origami. I really appreciate these kind of small things. Actually folding origami for each subscription box can be very time consuming, this is something that I love to see when it comes to details.

I am also very surprised that I actually never seen many of these snacks before. Usually, I am familiar with half of the snack box! Especially this "pipe choco" that I am holding, (photo below) I can almost imagine a kid holding it and role-playing with it while enjoying the mini chocolate balls. It makes you feel like childhood.

Pipe Choco

Freedom Japanese Market is a snack box subscription service based in northern Kanto, Japan. Owned by Ken (who lived in Japan for over 16 years) and Sanae (who was born and raised in Japan), the snack box provides "high quality, traditional, and quirky goods.

Marble gum (with Dorami from Doraemon!) - a fruity flavored gum

Minivita C -  a mini candy version of the Vitamin enriched drink

Porte: chocolate whipped cream filling with a cookie base and dusted in chocolate

Suppai Mucho - chips flavored with pickled plum
Like many other subscription box, Freedom Japanese Market also includes a list of snack information in English, making sure we know what we are eating. :) 

November box contents and information
Check out their website if you want to know more about their subscription box and service. They have different sizes of subscription box you can select from: Puchi Pack, Original Subscription Pack, and Family Pack. 




  1. how fun i love these cute little candy treats i love the pipe it remeinds me of something i used to love when i was a kid thanks for sharing

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  5. These treats are cute! I would sub to these.