Tuesday, October 27, 2015


October Snakku Box - Hokkaido themed snacks
What a traditional and cute packaging for snack bento!
Snakku is a Japanese snack subscription service founded by Shigeki-san, who was born in Tokyo and values authentic Japanese snacks made by actual snack makers in Japan. When I first received my Snakku box, it leaves a deep impression from the way Snakku packages their snack box with a "furoshiki", a piece of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth for bento (picnic box), gifts, grocery goods, etc.  

It is wrapped in a way that you can carry it from the top knot
Box Package is sophisticated with logo Snakku written in hiragana and kanji 
Variety of Hokkaido popular snacks

This month's selected snacks are all coming from Hokkaido (the northern most island of Japan) which is popularly known as one of the best places in Japan for producing great dairy, sugar, and wheat from its rich soil and clean water. 

What's really interesting is this milk cookie that was made in Hokkaido University's prestigious Sapporo Agricultural College. This snack was made with 100% organic and natural ingredients, and was actually certified by Hokkaido University. For 3 consecutive years, the cookie received a gold award in the international Monde Selection. And what it tastes like?? It tastes very buttery and rich, but at the same time, really easy to go down. If I ever travel to Sapporo, I will definitely buy boxes of these!!

北海道ミルククッキー Hokkaido Milk Cookie
札幌農学校 Sapporo Agricultural College
The next snack I highly recommended is called "White Lover." (白い恋人 Shiroi koibito) It is a sandwiched cookie with "langue de chat" and fresh cream filling. (A langue de chat is a French cookie that’s baked under lower controlled temperature until the edges brown.) The confection is produced by Ishiya Confectionery in Sapporo City, which has been a standard for souvenir shop since 1976.

白い恋人 Shiroi Koibito (White Lover)

Overall, I really enjoy the snacks! They taste good and easy to go down, unlike many other massive manufactured snacks that add too much preservative and synthetic flavorings. 

While enjoy these snacks, they also give me a nostalgic feeling of the snacks I had when I was living in Hong Kong around 15 years ago. (There were lots of tasty imported Japanese snacks already back then..) 

Thank you Snakku!!  

If you are interested in receiving a Snakku box, visit their website at: www.snakku.com


  1. For some reason, I'm looking forward to that pretty cloth than the snacks XD I hope it's washable and dryer friendly.

    1. Hi Aim, I personally really like the cloth too! You might get a different color for the next Snakku Box though! ^^

  2. love the way this box is wrapped very unique along with the gifts inside

  3. The wrapping is nice! very unique.

  4. I love the beautiful furoshiki and card, it really makes them stand out!