Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hokkaido Scallop Nigiri and Salmon Rice Bowl at Kiku Sushi, Berkeley USA

Nigiri Sushi  握り寿司

Kiku Sushi is a local friendly, neighborhood type of Japanese sushi restaurant. It has a 4 star on Yelp, and I decided to give it a try today. For the salmon rice bowl, the salmon slices are creamy and fresh, but it tastes like it wasn't cured/marinated. (I tried buying a non-cured salmon fillet and it tastes just like that.) Ikura (salmon roe) is flavorful as it was soaked with soy sauce for a short period of time right before serving. Tamago-yaki has an old-egg kind of smell and taste.

Salmon Rice Bowl: Salmon slices, ikura, tamago-yaki, shiitake mushroom, carrot, ginger, shiso leaves, kaiware sprout $16.95
Restaurant Front 
Restaurant Sign

For the nigiri, I ordered: sake salmon, maguro tuna, hamachi, anago (seawater eel), Tamago and Hokkaido scallop. Out of all, Hokkaido scallop ($6) has the best quality. It has a firm texture and the creamy flavor is evasive. The first bite is subtle, and then the second bite brings out the flavor.

For maguro tuna ($6), it is too plain and a little bit dry, almost require soy sauce for this. For Hamachi, it has a smooth texture and it has a heavy aftertaste. For anago ($8), the fish is too large comparing to the sushi rice. There were bones in it, but it is still edible and does not affect the delivery of the entire anago fish.

Hokkaido Scallop Nigiri $6

Sake (Salmon) $6

Kiku Sushi

Address: 1316 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA 94706

Phone:(510) 525-5458

11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 5:00 – 10:30 pm
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