Monday, April 8, 2019


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Matcha 抹茶 (Green tea powder) is such a healthy drink, and I am so glad it is back to my diet recently. This time I am trying a brand from Japanese Green Tea Company, who sources their tea directly from Arahataen Green Tea Farms in the Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. This is a premium Matcha that I really enjoy, don't forget to use my coupon code JFOODIE if you are planning to give it a try!


The Matcha product was nicely packaged and secured. First you need to open the can's lid. Then, open another layer of easy-to-open lid, and finally open the aluminum bag to get the Matcha powder. It smells really good and "leafy" once it was opened! 

I only prepared one small cup at a time because it is best to enjoy when it is hot. (See how to make Matcha at section below) If this is the first time for you to try Matcha, it is natural that it tastes bitter and overwhelmed. That's why it's very common to enjoy such drink with Japanese confectionery like mochi and wagashi.

Today, I am having Matcha with my sweet mini biscuit snacks.


Matcha green tea powder

  1. Sift half to 1 teaspoon of Matcha (2-4 grams) into a small cup.
  2. Add round 2 ounces (1/4 cup) of hot water. 
  3. Wait for 60 seconds 
  4. Stir in a circular motion with a traditional bamboo whisk or just a regular baking whisk until it's dissolved. 
Don't let it sit for too long, enjoy it while it's still hot! 

  • Cultivar: Yabukita (やぶきた) 
  • Matcha tea plants are shaded for a few weeks before the harvest to increase natural levels of caffeine and amino acids. The leaves are allowed to dry, stems and veins are removed from the leaves, and then the tea is ground into a fine powder. 
  • Cultivated by Chagusaba Method using sugar cane soil


If you plan to try out Japanese Green Tea's products, please make sure to use this 10% off discount code JFOODIE when you make your next purchase

Have fun with Matcha and stay healthy!



- Matcha is one of the highest sources of antioxidants found on the planet
- Clean energy boost without jitters for up to 4-6 hours
- Natural detox
- Studies have found that the EGCG catechin found in matcha helps fight cancer
- Boosts metabolism and helps burn calories
- Helps cholesterol levels
- Improves mental clarity and focus


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