Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day: Amuse Bunny Plush & La Forêt Chocolate

Get your plush at here!

Happy Valentine's Day! In Japan, animal plush is also a popular Valentine's gift for friends or loved ones! Here I have Amuse Bunny Plush, which is too cute and cuddly! The bunny's expression is so adorable with large furry ears! Its fur is so soft and just perfect to hug to sleep! You can easily find them in different colors, sizes, and types! (>0<)

For chocolate, here I want to introduce La Forêt Chocolate, a local chocolate atelier that's been providing for fine dining restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area.

La Forêt's chocolate is not only high quality, their presentation is also eye-catching and elegant! 

La Forêt Chocolate:

Amuse Bunny Plush
Check out more cute plush at here!


  1. I'm not a stuffed toys kind of person, but what I am is surely a chocolate lover, so I'm browsing now La Forêt's website. Everything seems so yummy, I'll make sure to go try them whenever I'll be in San Francisco!!

  2. Oh those chocolates look amazing! I'm such a chocoholic, haha. The bunny is cute too.

  3. Would make so many nice gifts.. A nice memory in this plush

  4. These would make great gifts.

  5. Wonderful matchups..for a great valentine gift especially

  6. I am a chocolate lover...thanks for the article.

  7. The bunny is so cute and that chocolate... oh I LOVE chocolate! It looks amazing. Enough to make me think I need to make a trip, lol.

  8. Bunnies and chocolate....great!