Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Noodle Poster, Try These Noodle From Around the World

The Noodle Poster, 16x20, Print in USA
The Noodle Poster is a graphic that allows you to expand your love for noodle. If you love pasta, ramen, or pho, why not explore other delicious noodle dishes that will fulfill your craving with exciting flavors and texture. 
You might have a friend who is obsessed with noodle too, "The Noodle Poster" is going to be a unique gift for any noodle lovers who are ready to do more noodle hunting! 
Chicken Shoyu Ramen from RAGE in Tokyo JAPAN
As a noodle lover, I am more than exciting to work on this project! Not only this poster will introduce 30 types of noodle dishes, you will be surprised how noodle varies from countries to countries across the world! Please support us today to get your own Noodle Poster! Thanks for reading!


  1. My family loves noodles. Very nice chart and post. Thank you.

  2. We are huge noodle lovers in this house.

  3. Interesting to find out info about noodles :)

  4. Thanks for writing such a detailed and a really informative review on this. I was thinking about buying this and I will now for sure. Thanks again buddy.

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