Monday, February 6, 2017


Neko Box, January 2017 Box 
Whenever I pass by a stationery shop, I just can't stop myself from going in and just look at all these cute stationery stuffs! That's why I am pretty excited when receiving Neko Box for the first time. (They also have home-ware items too, the theme and items are different every month) Let's see what we have for the 2017 January Neko Box! ^^ 

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What it looks like when I received it
What it looks like when first opened

All items in the box
Better view with items spread on table
Washi Paper Bookmark
Washi Paper Bookmark
What caught my attention at first sight is the pink bookmark. It is just adorable! I can't wait to use it when reading my next book. ^^ The bookmark is made from Washi paper, a popular Japanese paper with unique texture. I love the art as well, it is simple yet beautiful. 

The postcard is also pretty and sophisticated. (photo below) It is an Ukiyo-e print (Japanese woodblock print) of a beautiful Edo-period woman. I don't think I will ever write on it. It's just too nice and deserve as a collective item. 

Japanese art print postcard, ukiyo-e print of Edo woman 
LIFE brand Notebook, made in Japan. B6 Sized Noble Note Ruled notebook with vintage pattern cover. 100 sheets.
Notebook is bound using a traditional Japanese stitch technique called Ito-Toji.
A set of mini letter and envelops, made in Japan
Kuretake brand (found in 1902) Brush Pen, made in Japan
Kuretake brand (found in 1902) Brush Pen, made in Japan - closer look of the brush
Wow! I found the pen very beautiful and surprisingly in high quality too. It is made by an over-century-old ink company called Kuretake, which was established in 1902. They are famous for their calligraphy/comic inks and professional brush pens. 

The washi masking tape is also a product of a worldly famous manufacture company called MT. Since 1923, they specialize in making Japanese masking tape made of washi paper. After starting to use these washi masking tape, I don't ever want to use other types of tape anymore. They have a unique texture to it that you need to feel with your fingers. ^ v ^ 

MT brand decorative washi tape, made in Japan
KAWA Travel Zine Issue 3 - introducing Asakusa, Tokyo 
In my opinion, I love everything from the January's Neko Box. The products they pick are genuine, top-notch, and unique. In fact, they look too pretty to be used! ^0^ Other than stationery and art prints items, depending on the theme of the month they send out home-ware like bowls, plates, and chopsticks too. I hope they will send out those Japanese dishware again next month!  

About Neko Box

Neko Box is also the company's name. The premium subscription box business was established by Rob and Carly, a husband & wife team who work as designers in Tokyo. "Their mission is to source unique and hard-to-find items from all around the country, so you can discover the magic of Japan one box at a time." Since they source all of their products in Japan, your Neko Box will be shipped straight from Japan. Shipping cost was actually not bad, only around $10-15 USD. 

$6 off your first Neko Box!

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  1. Awesome neat items in this box!

  2. Such an adorable looking box! I, too, love the pink bookmark - gorgeous! Stationery has a special hold on me as well.

  3. now this is a box i would love to get monthly i just love writing and learning about other culture

  4. I learned the existence of Nekobox by this article. Thanks.