Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shoyu Ramen at Japanese Soba Noodles 蔦 Tsuta (the first Michelin starred ramen shop in the world), Tokyo JAPAN

Shoyu Ramen (used 3 kinds of soy sauce!) topped with chashu, menma, egg, scallions, and black truffle oil

Finally, I get to try the first Michelin starred ramen in the world! They used 3 types of soy sauce + black truffle sauce here. And to be honest, it's a bit salty for me. However, overall it's a great bowl with delicious chashu (pork slice), egg, menma (bamboo shoots), house-made ramen noodles, and chicken + seafood soup!

Their long waiting ticket system is really what stopped me from going for all these times. You need to go early to pay a deposit for a ticket (ticket has a time on it) Come back at that time, and starting line up. And then exchange your deposit back with the ticket. Buy ramen at vending machine. Get seated. Lastly wait for your bowl and NOW you can finally enjoy the ramen....

Once you get there, the sign is pretty small and plus their frontal is not flashy. You can only tell when you see the long line starts on the right side of the restaurant.

Shop Front Door
Once you go through all those waiting + getting back your deposit, you are finally invited inside the store. First, you buy your ramen from the vending machine. I recommend their signature shoyu ramen! 

The store is very small, and everyone is pretty much quietly waiting for their ramen or slurping noodles. You can also stand up to take a look at their achievements from the Michelin Guide.  

They don't have secrets about their ramen and ingredients either.

After seated, the table has a ingredient list about their ramen and sources.

For their "shoyu soba," (soy sauce noodle) they used Wakayama Prefecture's specialized soy sauce that was brewed for 2 years, Nagano Prefecture's fermented/aged soy sauce brewed from both soy and wheat for 2 years, white soy sauce, and lastly, black truffle sauce.

For their soup, it is a delicious chicken + seafood dashi blend that has large amount of umami! Combining with pure oil from one of the most three famous chicken source, Akita Hinai Jidori. (Akita Prefecture's Hinai town's free range chicken with a special diet.)

Shoyu Ramen (used 3 kinds of soy sauce!) topped with chashu, menma, egg, scallions, and black truffle oil

You might ask me if this is the best ramen bowl.

Especially in Tokyo, there are many GREAT ramen spots to choose from, and I have lots of favorites. Tsuta could be on my list, but the waiting is not worth coming back again for me. But if you've never been, it's great to try out the first Michelin ramen! :)

  1. Make sure it's opened. They close on Wednesday.
  2. Make sure you have at least 3-5 hours of free time.
  3. Make sure you have cash, 1500 yen + 
  4. Arrive early to get an appointment ticket. (Limited tickets will be given away each day) I don't recommend coming for dinner, just in case if they sold out from lunch time... You just never know...
  5. After you give the staff a deposit of 1000 yen, you will receive your ticket with a time on it. Come back and start lining up 5-15 minutes before your appointed time. (Line is located on the right side of the store front)
  6. Buy your ramen from the vending machine and enjoy your ramen!!
  7. No photo is allowed in the kitchen by the way. But you can take photo of your ramen, tables, vending machine, their Michelin awards, etc, just not their kitchen. 

Japanese Soba Noodles 蔦 (Tsuta)  


Phone: 03-3943-1007


Wednesday: Closed
Thursday - Tuesday: 11am - 4pm, 6pm - 9pm

Lunch Ticket Distribution begins at 7am
Dinner Ticket Distribution begins at 5pm



  1. Hey you posted the picture twice :P
    Sometimes when I see those places with the ingredients I think to myself "they know I won't be able to do it not even watching a video".

    1. OH! You noticed!:) It's difficult to take more photos, everyone is focusing on finishing their bowl and leave.
      And true, they don't even mind telling people what they use in their recipe. I think the real question is HOW they make it. I so wanted to have a nice hot bowl of ramen now... >_<

  2. What a divine bowl of noodles.

  3. Hopefully one day I can go to Japan & try this, it looks delicious!

  4. wow this is crazy looks amazing but its hard to be able to get into this place.i would love to try it out.

  5. Wow, I would love to be able to try some ramen from here. Sounds amazing. I, myself, like things a little bit saltier than most. Yum!

  6. Looks Great! But Not sure I would stand in line for hours to get...

  7. Who doesn't want to taste Michelin star Ramen?! I wouldn't mind waiting in such a long queue for great food.

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