Thursday, October 27, 2016

Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) Ramen at Afuri, Harajuku Tokyo JAPAN

Yuzu Ramen
Yuzu is a type of citrus in East Asia. It might seems strange to add this flavor into ramen, but it is actually tooooo delicious to forget. Not only it has a subtle sweetness, it makes this chicken-based ramen more appetizing and refreshing!

The Afuri's Harajuku shop is just too convenient. It is only 2 blocks away from the JR Harajuku Station. Expect a short line when you arrive.

Here it is, choose your ramen at the ticket machine. There is just plain Shio (salt) or Shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, but I highly recommend their specialty here, Yuzu ramen, which you can choose either salt, soy sauce, or spicy flavor. There's also a seasonal special when I was there, which is the seasonal veggie ramen. Feel free to order tsukemen, add-on of pork, egg, seaweed, rice bowls, etc.

After I got seated, staff asked me about how much chicken oil I prefer. (See photo above) I chose the classic with a balanced soup. The soup tastes just like the ingredients you see above: chicken, seafood, konbu seaweed, and vegetables. It has a balanced amount of oil, just makes the soup even more tastier. The noodles are "al dente," cooked just at a point when it is cooked but still firm.

Before serving, pork slices are heated and sizzled on a grill (on the left) so that the aroma of the pork fat can come out! Yummm!

I really love the combination of yuzu and chicken soup and oil. While slurping the noodles, the oil and soup just makes the noodle even better! The pork slice is good, not spectacular, but no complaint. It tastes good with a bit crisp on the outside. The egg is good too, as you can see, the yolk is still 60% raw so that it is still smooth and easy to go down. Its beautiful bright orange color is just too hard for me to not take a photo of it. :P


Overall, the experience was great! The line wasn't that bad for me, maybe 15-20 minutes to get to the seat. The order comes very quick, around 5 minutes. The ramen itself is just wonderful, I love the mixture of yuzu and chicken soup. It's not something you can always get anywhere else. The price is also cheap, less than $10 for a bowl. I will definitely come back or visit Afuri's other shops next time. (2017 update! They open their first US shop in Portland!!)

AFURI (Harajuku location)


0:30am - 3:00am
7 days a week



  1. First time I went to a Ramen shop was in Japan, what a fantastic meal!

  2. Next time I'm in the neighborhood I so need to swing by

  3. I don't know why but I don't usually like the egg that way, even when I'm sure I'm gonna eat it!

  4. I like yuzu so I want to try this ramen.

  5. Yuzu are really expensive. Are they available outside of Japan ?

  6. You can easily get out of the box

  7. That looks so good! If I ever visit Japan I'll have to try some :D

  8. I must try this!! It looks so good!!

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