Friday, July 8, 2016


Flower Kiss Milk Candy
I just received 24/7 Japanese Candy's "Mystery Original Box" today! This is the first time I receive so many candies in one box!! Of course, there are chips and puff snacks that come with the overflowing candies!

Let me tell you about all the Japanese candies & snacks I receive for my mystery box! :)

24/7 Japanese Candy was started by a husband and wife who are addicted to Japanese snacks. They are not a snack subscription service, so that users will have the freedom to snatch a box whenever they feel like it. 

You can simply purchase exactly what you want, or if you love surprises they have special surprise snack gift boxes. So far, they have two boxes available: the Mystery Box and Roulette Box. The Mystery Box is a set box that is released for a limited time. The release of a new Mystery Box is never known until the day it's released. There are three sizes you can choose from. The Roulette Box is a little more fun and wild. Items in this box are chosen at random so that every box is different. 

HERE, WE ARE HAVING THE MYSTERY ORIGINAL BOX(medium size) And this is what it looks like when I first receive it at my front door! :) 

What it looks like when I first received my Mystery Original Box

All the snacks inside MYSTERY ORIGINAL BOX

When I first open my box, I was pretty surprised about the amount of candies I am getting. There are two large bags of variety pack candies: Flower Kiss Milk Candy & Drink Mix Candy.

Flower Kiss Milk Candy is a plum flavored milk candy. The blending of plum and milk flavor is actually quite a good mix. The candy is delicious and not too sweet either, So why does it called Flower Kiss? Although each candy tastes the same, each individual candy wrapper is illustrated with a type of flower with its name and flower language. (what it represents) It is too adorable! > v <

Drink Mix Candy is like "turning a drink into a candy form." There are 5 flavors: honey & lemon, Barbados cherry, vitamin CC lemon, and なっちゃんNatchan drink, and デカビタC Dekavita C. I think I enjoy candy over the actual drink. (No more spilling :D )

Flower Kiss Milk Candy
Drink Mix Candy with 5 flavors:
1. vitamin CC lemon
honey & lemon
Barbados cherry
デカビタC Dekavita C
Kasugai Peach Gummy Candy: These soft candies are really good and addicting!
Super Lemon Candy - super sour outer powder layer with sweet lemon candy core 
Black Thunder Chocolate Bar - cocoa-flavored cookie bar mixed with Japanese-style rice puffs, coated with chocolate
Berry Rose Soft Candy - slightly hard outer shell with a soft berry + rose flavored candy inside 
Hora Dekita Ringoame Apple Candy (DIY Candy Kit)
There is also a white packet, which I later found they are note cards for each snack's description.

note cards inside a white candy paper bag

Now, let's see what snacks we have other than candies? I am particularly interested in this Jagabee potato crisps with butter soy sauce flavor. The size & shape of the potato crisps are like french fries. It is more crispy and airy inside comparing to french fries. It has the flavor of the original Calbee's chips that I've always like, plus a very light hint of butter soy sauce.

Jagabee potato crisps with butter soy sauce flavor
Cheese Corn Chi (Puff)
Giant Caplico Strawberry Cone with chocolate flavored layer inside
Overall, I think 24/7 Japanese Candy provides a really flexible service for candy and snack lovers. Instead of committing to a monthly subscription plan, you can just get a surprise box whenever you feel like it. It's also convenient if you plan to order a surprise box for your friend as well, they provide a free all-occasional gift card with your optional personal message written on the card.

For delivery, their handling time is very quick, typically within 24 hours. Shipping takes 3 business days for my box. Tracking information was also provided once it was shipped.

Ready to order?

If you are interested in trying out 24/7 JAPANESE CANDY, they now provide free US shipping for any box order!

Whatever you are ordering, box or individual snack, please don't forget to use coupon code "JFOODIEPOCKY" to enter and win a free Pocky Strawberry! Simply enter code at check out to enter this giveaway promotion! :)


Official Website:


  1. I received one of these as a gift, and loved it! (

    1. Awww! How cute! These snack boxes are just the sweetest gift ever! ^^

  2. What a fun box! These all look like snacks I would like to try.

    1. It surly was fun! I feel like a child again, opening a Christmas present!

  3. I bought a candy similar in packaging style to the flower kiss candy but instead of flowers they were each individual cats, it was adorable! Also, those Black Thunder chocolate bars are so yummy. I always try to pick one up at the Asian market when I'm there.

    1. Oh my! Candies in cat packages sound sooo cute! I Would love to try some!

  4. i have never really seen any japanese candy or had any, very colorful

    1. Now that you mention it, I guess Japanese candy packages are the most colorful and cutest out of all! :)

  5. Just for curiosity, how good is the chocolate in general, like chocolate bars in Japan? I don't know nothing the culture of chocolate there.

  6. The candy looks really good! I would like to taste each and every one! *I have a HUGE sweet tooth*


  8. Another wonderful review of the Japanese snack box. Thanks.

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