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Spicy Miso Ramen at 鬼金棒 カラシビ 味噌らー麺 Kikanbo Spicy Ramen, Chiyoda, Tokyo JAPAN

Spicy Miso Ramen Special (Medium Spicy)
The ramen here has really strong sesame aroma. The miso broth has moderate amount of pork fat. Small pieces of ginger can be found, and makes the savory broth really tasty! The chashu meat is extremely soft that melt in your mouth. The spiciness of the ramen came from the spicy oil and sanshou mix. It is the savory type, not that kind you get in American food. (sour type spiciness)

Miso ramen (Non-spicy)
If you have a cat tongue 猫舌 (sensitive tongue on hot or spicy food), you can order a non-spicy ramen too, which the quality doesn't drop at all. 

Photo by 全国ラーメン食べ歩き情報
The Japanese name of the store is called "鬼金棒 カラシビ 味噌らー麺," translates to "Demon Kanabo Kara Shibi Miso Ramen." Kanabo is the spiky truncheon that demons are holding at all the time. And then what's Kara and Shibi? It is what this ramen shop is special for, their level of spiciness. The spiciness of the ramen is actually based on two things: your level of Kara (the regular hot) and your level of Shibi (the shop's special Sanshou mix - Sanshou 山椒 is a Japanese spice that is very similar to Sichuan Pepper, and is often used on charbroiled unagi)

Great noodle for slurping and tsukemen!
The ramen noodles they use are thicker and I realized it's so easy to slurp, which makes it great for tsukemen noodle. (Their tsukemen shop is around the corner)

Here's the line for Kikanbo Spicy Ramen. Once you arrive the right sided door, buy your ramen ticket inside the vending machine. Then, come back out and wait for seats. When you get there, you just have to follow the crowd.

Long line for lunch, but not a long wait, around 15-20 minutes
Order your ramen and receive a ticket, don't lose it until you hand it to the chef!
Inside, it's a 16-seat shop. The atmosphere is dark and themed with demon-related decorations. There are demon masks, kanabo (the spiky truncheon), demon statues, etc.

Interior walking path (Facing exit) - demon decorations everywhere!
Before you sit down, you can grab some paper bib at the left side of the entrance. It thought it was napkin at first, but it turns out to be a bib that you will probably need to protect your clothes from those spicy sauce and oil when slurping your noodles so hard!

Ta-da! Me getting ready to slurp some ramen!
After you get seated, you will be handing the ramen ticket to the chef. They will ask you HOW SPICY you want. Remember that they have two types of spiciness? The level of Kara (the regular hot) and level of Shibi (the shop's special Sanshou mix) Tell them how you want it, and they will make it the way you like it.

Spicy Miso Ramen Special (Medium spiciness)
Miso ramen (Non-spicy)
Like mentioned before, Their ramen noodles are thick and bouncy, which makes it great for tsukemen (dipping ramen). That's why they have a separate tsukemen store around the corner. It has no line when I got there, so give it a try if you are still feeling hungry from your first bowl. ^^

Overall, it was a very satisfying bowl of miso ramen. I will probably come back to try out their tsukemen next time! :) 

鬼金棒 カラシビ 味噌らー麺  Kikanbo Spicy Ramen

Phone:+81 3-3256-2960



11:00am – 9:30pm

11:00am – 9:30pm
11:00am – 9:30pm
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  1. All these ramen pics is going to be the death of me one day. *salivates at all the ramen pics*

    1. Sometimes, I kind of wish I can just stay and live in Japan so I can have as much delicious ramen as I could everyday...^^

  2. The one door with no line is to make orders to take?

    1. The door with no line is for tsukemen (dipping ramen), the one I went to was for ramen with hot broth. ^^

  3. I will probably choose non-spicy one