Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Ramen Poster JUMBO

After designing for the first ramen poster, I was exposed to types of ramen that I finally got to try for the first time such as Tori-Paitan (ramen with a rich chicken broth that was made similar to Tonkotsu style) and Ramen Burger. (Grilled ramen buns sandwiching roast pork, scallions, and other ramen toppings) Other than local Japanese ramen, I also want to introduce ramen recipes that have misleading name such as Yakisoba and Aburasoba, both having "soba in their names." Like most people, I thought they are probably soba noodles. (buckwheat) The fun fact is that they are not made with soba noodles; instead, wheat noodle or ramen noodles are typically used for those recipes.

As these discoveries pile up within the year, I decided to design a second ramen poster. It will have 42 ramen recipes (my old one has 25) that will help you in your ramen journey in trying out different kinds of ramen!

I will be launching my Kickstarter for The Ramen Poster JUMBO very soon! Hope you guys will like it! :)

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