Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tamago, Sashimi, and maki-sushi at Tani's Kitchen, Daly City USA

Hamachi $3.25 & Tamago Nigiri $2.5
Assorted Sashimi: hamachi, tuna, salmon, octopus $8.95
Negihama $3.25, Spicy Tuna $3.25, & Salmon & Avocado $3.25
Hearing from a friend, Tani's Kitchen is famous for their tamago. Although they use a very common way of making tamago-yaki, the piece is quite tasty and well-balanced: nor too sweet or salty. It is also still very spongy with moisture. (they use 2 layers of cloth and bamboo rolling mat to keep tamago from drying out) Since the sushi shop is fairly small, the wait for this place is inevitably long: around 20-35 minutes.

Just outside the entry
shop sign
Tani's Kitchen is Japanese-owned small to-go sushi shop located at Daly City. (South of SF) The total space in this sushi shop (including sushi bar, dining area, kitchen, bathroom) should be around 10 ft x 15 ft. If you are planning to visit, I highly recommend you to order a to-go due to reasons below:

1. Once I was seated, it was difficult to move around and you wanted to finish your food quick so people outside won't stare at you anymore.
2. It is disappointing to see the sanitizing level of this sushi shop.
3. Long wait

Tani's Kitchen

Address: 32 Park Plaza Dr, Daly City, CA 94015

Phone:(650) 992-1701

12:00 – 9:30 pm


 Highly recommend order to-go by phone
 Order their famous Tamago


  1. The wood makes the stick together better. Then, you would place a sheet of nori on the flat bamboo mat, spread a layer of the rice mixture on the nori, and any preference of vegetables or fish in the center sushi maker

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