Friday, January 16, 2015

Saimin and Manju on Maui Island, Hawaii USA

Dry Saimin (Chinese-style chashu, scallions, bean sprouts) and chicken yakitori at the back

This is the first time I am going to Hawaii, and it is a really beautiful island. Of course, noodle hunting is one of my goals of this trip! I was introduced by my friend, Joey, to Sam Sato's, which is many local's favorite noodle house.

They call this noodle "Saimin," but I have no idea what it is. Let's order one and see!

It has the traditional Chinese bbq pork with green onions as toppings. The egg noodle is pretty chewy, but not too thick. The broth is light, which goes well with the chew egg noodle. I can see why Saimin is very popular here. When it is always SO HOT outside and you are craving a hot bowl of noodle, this is the place.

A dry noodle is always a good choice if noodle with soup is not suitable for you.

Manju with red bean paste (Left) and white bean paste (Right)
Manju is another nice traditional Japanese confection you can find here. It tastes like a shortbread cookie and has a soft texture. Inside, there's either white bean or red bean paste. It is a pretty filling snack which will be nice to enjoy them with some green tea.


  1. Looks like a Great Place to stop for a bite to eat !

  2. Manju i never heard of this till i read your articles this is very different not sure when to enjoy these snacks as a appetizer or a dessert?

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