Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sushi at Sushi Sho, El Cerrito USA

O-toro 大とろ and Ikura イクラ (Salmon Roe)
Sushi Sho is a local sushi restaurant since 1983. Sushi from Sushi Sho is always made by Aki-san. That's why he only serves at most 6 people at a time at sushi bar. This is the first time I visit Sushi Sho, and Aki-san completely changed how I will eat sushi in the future.

Before he serves you your order, he teaches you the proper way to enjoy your sushi. Some people call him "Sushi Nazi" because he is very strict about how you eat his sushi. It was a unique and educational dining experience. He explains what is the best way to enjoy your sushi. For example, your taste bud sense from the surface of your tongue so you should flip the sushi before you eat it. That way, the fish will land on your tongue and you can fully experience the freshness and flavor of the fish.

Seared Albacore Tuna with minced garlic and scallions
Octopus, Saba (Mackerel), Tuna, Hamachi with Flying Fish Roe
Aki-san also suggests customer to try out different combination of sushi with different toppings. (Photo above) For example, enjoy tuna with cucumber or Shiso leaf. He made it so that everything on the plate is edible and customer can enjoy sashimi in different ways.

Personally, I highly recommend Hotatega, which is Raw scallop from Hokkaido island Japan. (Sorry that I don't have a photo of it!) The scallop tastes very fresh! Although it is soft, the texture remain and it was amazing! If you don't like scallop, I think you should feel free to order what you like, I wasn't disappointed so far from his sushi.


  1. sushi!, my favorite one is nigiri sushi :3 i could eat that everyday hah never seen how someone reccomends the right way to eat sushi :)

    1. Hi Karin, I've never heard of anyone teaching people how to eat sushi too! This is my first time encounter this kind of situation where the sushi chef will patiently teach every one of his customer how to eat it properly. I learn a lot from Aki-san though, it was a great lesson for me! ^ v ^