Saturday, February 25, 2017


I must say, J-List Box's Snack DX is huge! The mailing package is completely filled up with snacks without any air space!! That's incredible! I am also very glad to see sakura-themed snacks as well. (Since it's almost Cherry Blossom season!^^) When I first see this snack box, it really excites me because of all the unfamiliar snacks that I've never seen & tried before. Alright, let's get ahead start with our fun exploration through the Snack DX J-List Box for March!

When J-List Box first arrives! (Cute anime character)
A list of items for March edition Snack DX Box, let's go through this list one by one...
Sakura Tarte: The texture is soft and crumbly, which makes it feel more like a cake. It is not too sweet and has a pleasant tart flavor
Sakura Candy: what a beautiful package! The pink candy has a triangular shape, and it is the powdery type of candy that slowly melts in your mouth. It is sweet and has a floral flavor. 
Kozakura Mochi: Front Package with 3 cherries 
Kozakura Mochi: the candy comes with a toothpick (on the right) and these "mini pink mochi squares" actually are chewy candy. It is sweet, has a little bit fruity flavor, and has a harder texture than "Hi-Chew" (they are the soft type chewy candy) 

Lucky Mayonnaise Snack: the bold red fonts remind me of Kewpie's Japanese mayonnaise that I use at home.
Lucky Mayonnaise Snack: it looks like corn puffs and tastes savory with only subtle mayonnaise flavor. It wouldn't feel like you are eating a scoop of mayonnaise... :P

Yubari Melon Caramel: One of my favorites, it is a melon flavored chewy candy. It doesn't feel like caramel, which I love it!! I really enjoy them and it's about to run out soon! :P 
Unchoco: what is this little guy doing here?! \^_^/ I might just keep it for decor
Unchoco: unwrap the panda to see its "poop" chocolate inside. The panda paper structure has a perforated part where you are supposed to tear out... And that hole is supposed to fit the poop choco balls... How can they do this to a cute panda... T_T
Unchoco: The "poop" chocolate tastes like grape with very little choco flavor. The combination of grape + choco might sound pretty strange, but it tastes actually quite interesting.
Cisco Green Tea Milk Crisp Chocolate: I like the idea of making the crispy snack into a pizza shape, it's very easy to grab and eat with minimal mess. I taste mostly the green tea crisp and not so much of the chocolate filling. 
Van Houten Chocolate: If you had Pocky before, this tastes just like the chocolate on Pocky sticks. It is milky and smooth. I think it is not bad, I like it. ^^
Glamatic Gum Strawberry: Its strawberry flavor is too "perfumery" to me. It's only my personal preference ^_^"    
Suppa Mucho Ume Flavor: this chip is goooood! I love it so much that I finished it in nearly 2 minutes! It has very little ume (plum) flavor that goes very well with savory chips. I would highly recommend this snack to friends! ^ v ^ 
House O'zack Garlic Shrimp Chips: This snack is also very addicting! The shrimp chips are thicker than the typical chips so you feel more satisfying! The garlic aroma is not bad either, it is not too strong. I recommend this even to people who dislike garlic.
Choco Ball Grand Bitter Caramel Flavor
Choco Ball Grand Bitter Caramel Flavor: it tastes just like how it's named. Yes, it is a little bitter, I guess it is from the caramel. If you can handle bitter taste, you should try it!
Lotte Toppo Rich Cheese: This snack is pretty heavy for me. I am not a fan of cheese, that's why I dislike it. But once again, if you love cheese, you probably will love this biscuit cheese stick snack.
Spring Dorayaki: you will find a total of 10 mini dorayaki snacks in one package! There are 2 filling flavors: red bean paste and sakura (cherry) paste. I found these mini dorayaki really filling. Let's enjoy them with some hot Japanese tea! :) 
Whisky Koeda Chocolate: I found this dark blue package very beautiful and it has a very luxurious feel to it.
Whisky Koeda Chocolate: Not bad! I am quite sensitive towards alcoholic stuff, and I think the balance of alcohol and chocolate for this choco sticks is working for me. However, I tend to fall asleep when I drink, so I would probably wait until night time to enjoy this... ^o^
Itoen Shiso Sparkling 350ml (Spring Limited Edition): it smells very "grassy" when I first opened it. Then I looked at the bottle and realized... OHHH, it's shiso leaves flavored... no wonder! Anyway, it is refreshing and taste just like Shiso leaves. 

I love the amount of snacks I am getting. Not only I get to try snacks that I would never imagine going to initially buy at grocery stores, I am glad I can try so many different variety at the same time, it opens my eyes in how creative snack companies can get when it comes to creating new flavors and improve user's experience. I also love the fact that J-List Box includes many unique seasonal limited flavors for the upcoming cherry blossom, which is a huge festive season throughout Japan.

My favorite snacks are Suppa Mucho Ume Flavor, House O'zack Garlic Shrimp Chips, Yubari Melon Caramel, Whisky Koeda Chocolate, and Van Houten Chocolate.


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  1. The Sakura Candy looks so cute!

  2. It surely likes interesting and good

  3. love this the snacks look very interesting the garlic shrimp chips i bet are good..i love seeing products from other countries

  4. I wonder what this Japanese inscriptions all about...

  5. I really wish I had the chance to try out some of the snack items you received in this particular J-List Box. Some of them look and sound like they taste so good. It would be nice to be able to try out different types of snacks compared to the food I normally eat for snacks for a change.

  6. The product in this box I'd most like to try is the Choco Balls Grand Bitter Caramel Flavor....yes please!

  7. Would love to try these delicious snacks!

  8. the mini dorayaki are the cutest thing ever!!!! Wow, this is my dream snack box!

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