Saturday, January 9, 2016


Japan Candy Box
Japan Candy Box is a Japanese candy subscription service who will select around 8-10 hand-picked quirky Japanese sweets & snacks for your candy box. It has a nice variety of popular Japanese candies that I remember having when I used to live in Asia. The proportion is just right to try out each snack. It doesn't make me feel "too filling" when having these smaller packages of candies and caramel corn puffs.

When Japan Candy Box is first opened
Greetings from the staff along with a list of candies in this box!
When I first receive the box, I thought the box is very small. But after I open it, I realized he staff packed the snacks so well that there is nearly no air space, which is a good sign! ^^ 

They have very interesting snack such as this Taiyaki with chocolate wafers inside. I still wonder how this snack is made? Or this milk pudding candy that has a flavor of milk pudding in a candy form.

Meito Puku Puku Taiyaki - Fish shaped biscuit with chocolate wafer inside
Pine Deka Pudding Candy
Another surprising candy that I almost forgot that existed is this popping rock candy with Coke flavor. I like to call it an "exploding candy" because it's exactly how it feels when you put these candies in your mouth, it starts popping and feels like something is exploding in your mouth... >_<

Cola flavor popping rock candy
The Peko Milky candy is also included in the box. I really love the adorable little girl face as the logo of this candy. It makes it a lot more attractive! If you didn't know, this candy is actually voted as the 20th best candy from around the world, according to Complex.   

Peko Milky Candy
As you can see, the candies that were carefully chosen and packed by Japan Candy Box staffs. They value quality and trying their best to introduce the best candies that introduce Japanese flavors. 

Be sure to check out their website at HERE. I have a 10% off discount if you are planning to shop at their Kawaii shop too! Enjoy!

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Official website:


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